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A professional web site is one of the best ways to gain credibility with a potential customer, and an amateur one is one of the best ways to lose it.

Why is there such a wide range of talent and ability in web designers? We have seen something very similar happen before. Over our 14+ years of experience in the computer industry, we've seen lots of changes in this business. Back in the 1980's, the Macintosh changed the Desktop Publishing and Commercial Printing industries forever when a Macintosh with PageMaker or other software and a laser printer gave the same abilities of a $500,000 typesetting machine at a small fraction of the price.

The result was a proliferation of "graphic designers" who had the technical talent to learn the desktop publishing software, but lacked the artistic talent to create an attractive design or layout. Eventually, the "living room typesetters" who produced unprofessional work went by the wayside, and businesses learned the line between what they could produce themselves, and what required a true professional designer.

Today, the web page designer business is much like the desktop publishing business 15 years ago. Many so-called web page designers are just very knowledgeable computer people, who might be great at something technical like providing you with an Internet account, or even at hosting a web site. Or maybe a friend or family member who "knows a lot about computers" has volunteered to do it for you, or maybe you got some HTML editing software and plan to give it a try yourself. Trust me - you really do not want your site designed this way, because the "designer" is lacking in artistic and design talent and experience.

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