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Amateur web designs are easy to spot (and there are literally millions of them out there). Cute little flashing animations, cheesy clip art, soundtracks, and busy backgrounds that clash and distract from the text that carries the essential message of your business are sure signs of someone who made their own web site, or hired someone not qualified for professional web design. Badly designed sites are often very hard to navigate, as well. There's nothing worse than getting lost in a site that is hard on your eyes to begin with!

Having a web site that is clearly amateur, can be worse than having none at all. An "Internet-literate" potential customer will recognize an amateur design right away, and your business will lose credibility with them, instead of gaining it. A professional web site is one of the best ways to gain credibility with a potential customer, and an amateur one is one of the best ways to lose it. No matter who you hire for your web design services, make sure to see more than one or two samples of their work. Compare their work to the web sites for some of the Fortune 500 companies, and the top Internet sites

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Our Web Site Services:
We can advise you on the basic design of a web site you do yourself, provide you with a full package of website and graphic design (logo, customized buttons, etc.), or take an existing site and give it a "makeover" into a professional, 21st century site.. CONTACT US with your name and phone number and a short description of your needs, and we will be in touch very soon.

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