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We believe that we provide the best and most user friendly computer service available in Southwest Florida. But what really counts, is what our clients say:

"Al is very understanding, and helpful!
He always admits if he can't do something, but will help find someone who will.
But he has rarely not been able to fix or change something that has needed to be changed on my Mac. And he has a great attitude."

Natasha - Juno Beach, FL

"Al's talent and excellent knowledge as a personal Mac coach has helped me feel more and more relaxed and empowered when working on my projects. The convenience of our one to one sessions is an extra bonus and offers me a sense of gratification and self fulfillment upon completing my tasks. Much gratitude!"

Vera H. - Boca Raton, FL

"I have known Al for some ten years, and I was so fortunate to have 'found' him during one of my early visits to the US. As well as being an extremely nice person, Al is a great technician and professional.

Not only has Al resolved so many computer problems for myself and my company, he has, often at great personal inconvenience, changed his plans at the last minute to deal with 'emergencies'. I could not recommend Al any higher, and I know that if you have any issues with your Apple systems, Al is the person to deal with this for you."

Kevin S. - London, UK

"We will only call Al (aGuru4hire) for tech support and training ... no one else! We have called upon his services over the last seven years. Sit back and relax ... Al defines excellence and professionalism!"

Jackie S. - Naples, FL

"I was lucky enough to find Al many years ago. We have 4 laptops at home and two offices complete with ALL Mac computers. Fortunately, it is not often that we need repairs, but when we do, Al seems to make the time to fix our problems, QUICKLY! That is very important when your company depends on it."

Karen L. - Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I'm not at all sure how I even heard about Al, but I am so glad I found him. My favorite thing about Al is the fact that he never makes me feel dumb for asking questions that reveal how computer illiterate I am! He has been able to help me with anything I have thrown at him so far! I have every confidence that any problem I have, Al will have the answer. He has always responded quickly and is always on time. I highly recommend him."

Dianne G. - Boca Raton, FL

"Al has assisted me with a wide variety of support needs over the years, and he is always extremely knowledgeable, helpful and responsive.

I'm pretty Mac-savvy, and I do most of my own tech support and troubleshooting -- but when there's something that I just can't figure out for myself, Al is always the one who will have the solution.

I can't recommend Al highly enough."

Sonja R - Punta Gorda, FL

"Thanks for all your excellent computer help. You moved my data from my old PC to a new Macintosh iBook, and I was up and running much faster than I ever thought possible. I understand how my Mac works much better than I ever understood my PC, and I now know why you are such a big supporter of Mac. Thanks also for helping me get started with digital photography - it goes great with my iBook!

You also did a fantastic (and very fast) job of networking our PCs and our Macs together, and hooking them all up to the new HP Laser Printer that you recommended, and setting up shared Internet access for all of our computers.

Our PC-using clients are all very impressed by the software you developed for filling out and printing the forms for our gift program. I am still amazed at how you were able to quickly develop something that worked on both a Mac and a PC. We like the fact that it is very easy to use and new clients can start using it right away. Last but not least, we get compliments on your design for our web site nearly every day."

John French
North Ft. Myers, Florida

"When our main computer system went down, Al responded punctually and proceeded to solve our computer problems (there were more than I was even aware of). His work was immediately effective. He finished within a reasonable time frame, maintained a professional demeanor, and added a few new, improved features to improve our efficacy. At a later time, he assisted us through all aspects of of ordering and installing DSL, and then made the high-speed Internet access available to all computers on our network. We remain pleased with his knowledge and will not hesitate to call him again when needed."

Dale Dubin
Cover Publishing Co.
Ft. Myers, Florida

"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the services of aGuru4hire to anyone with any computer needs of any kind. Al takes excellent care of his clients. Our craft show business has become much easier to run since he produced a full-featured Booth Reservations and Billing system program This system was up and running very quicky thanks to Al's quick transfer of over 4000 exhibitors from our old system to our new one. Not only is this system easy to use, but he gave us the exact reports we asked for and even some we never knew we needed but did. He also fixes us right up when we have a "computer glitch" that is keeping us from getting our work done."

Carla Anderson
American Memories, Inc. Craft Show Promotions
Ft. Myers, Florida

"Al recommended my first Macintosh computer in the mid 1990s. After several years of owning a PC, I hoped it would be as fun and easy to use as he had said, but I had my doubts.

Those doubts were soon completely erased. I recommend Macs to anyone who will listen, and will gladly brag for an hour or more about the many custom capabilities I have added to my own Mac.

The single greatest thing about the Mac is that I almost never need professional help, but when I do, I go straight to Al. He solves problems, and once he does, they never seem to come back."

If you want to hear more, email me:

Tom Ray
Punta Gorda, Florida

Please contact us if you would like to speak directly to any of the above clients.

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