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We do NOT sell computer equipment, although we can advise you on the best equipment to buy for your needs, and the pros and cons of where to purchase. You can be secure getting your purchasing advice from someone who makes NO commission on your purchases. This is what separates a consultant from a salesperson.

Regardless of where you purchase your new computer equipment, we provide the best and most effective Quickstart setup package for the owner of a new computer.

A new computer will cost you less today than ever before, but it still represents a substantial investment, and you deserve to get the most from that investment. Our Setup and Quickstart Training can save you hours of frustration and trial-and-error learning. We will get you off to a running start and point you in the right direction to mastering your new equipment and software. We can set up shortcuts and show you timesaving steps to make you much more productive with your new computer from Day One than you could ever be on your own, even after hundreds of hours of practicing and teaching yourself. Isn't it worth an additional 10% or so to get 50-100% MORE (and up) from a thousand-dollar (or more) investment?

Basic QuickStart Package Includes:

Additional Services are available, including:


Basic package for a new Macintosh computer is $139
Basic package for a new Windows computer is $199

Additional Services are quoted individually, starting at $10 for additional software installation, or at an hourly rate if applicable.

CONTACT US for more information or to set up a Quickstart.

Why the price difference between Macintosh & Windows?
Windows computers take longer to setup, install & configure, and learn, than Macs.

*An additional cost may be involved if printer software is not provided on CD-ROM for an older printer, or if downloading updated printer software is necessary. Customer must provide printer cable in order for us to complete setup of a new printer.

**Customer must provide configuration information (dialup phone number, ISP server information, user name, password) for configuration of a new computer with an existing Internet account. AOL users will only need to know their user name and password.

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