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The most important aspect of managing any business is managing the workflow. Most businesses use computers to manage their data. What many small businesses (1-50 employees) lack is the customization of their data management for their workflow management. Most small businesses utilize off-the-shelf software such as Word, Excel, and QuickBooks, and adapt their business to the software, instead of adapting the software to their business.

Large corporations may use Word and Excel for simple documents, but the lifeblood of their business is in custom data management software (databases). Products, Orders, Inventory, Customers, Suppliers, Reservations, Projects, Employees, Sales Commissions... all of this data gets managed effectively and efficiently. Of course, these large corporations have big computer tech staffs and million-dollar programming budgets, so you may be asking, how can my small business have this kind of power?

We have developed dozens of custom database applications for businesses of all kinds. These include custom software for an architecture firm taking phone orders for hundreds of variations in dozens of categories of "dream home" plans; for a promoter of craft shows needing to track exhibitors, shows, booth sizes, etc; for a nonprofit housing organization to process gift applications and also to quickly prepare detailed estimates of repair costs for houses being purchased; for a cable installer/upgrader needing to pay his subcontractors and bill the cable company for 46 different job catgegories, and more. All of these systems were customized for ease of use and for the business' individual workflow needs, and include the ability to easily print detailed custom reports, invoices, forms, letters, and more, with just one click of a button.

We offer the best of both worlds - the customization and power usually only available to large corporations with million-dollar computer budgets, and affordable solutions for small and medium sized businesses, starting at only $495.

CONTACT US with your name, telephone number, and a short description of your needs, and we will respond with a solution and estimated cost.

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