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We are experienced at supporting and training users of both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms, and have used both platforms personally for years. Despite our personal preference for Macintosh, we can definitely help you out if you are a Windows user looking for experienced, friendly, and reasonably-priced onsite tutoring or basic tech support.

Our experience with Macintosh has only helped us with Windows support and training, because we have been using graphical (mouse, icons, menus, & windowed interface) interfaces since 1986 (much longer than most Windows-only professionals). Nearly all major commercial software applications are available for both platforms and work exactly the same on both platforms. Our Mac experience has also helped us provide more user-friendly Windows advice and training than most Windows experts, who tend to be more technical than we are in their teachings and advice. Trust us, we're much easier to learn from and understand.

We are very experienced with Mac/Windows compatibility and conversions from one platform to the other. We specialize in allowing Macintosh users to run Microsoft Windows and Windows applications on their Mac, as well as translating & sharing word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, database, address book, bookmarks, and other important data files between different platforms and application programs. Many of our clients have been truly amazed at our abilities to export information from old software and import it into their new software, whether or not it involves a change from one platform to another, or just a switch from one software program to another.

In general, Windows users who are very comfortable with the technicalities of the Windows interface, as well as businesses with a large investment in current Windows/PC hardware and software, and those using specialized software that is not available for a Mac and will not run efficiently under Virtual PC emulation, should probably stick with the Windows platform. Those who use their computer primarily as a gaming machine are better to stay with Windows than Mac also, although a Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox makes a better and cheaper gaming machine than a PC.

Our extensive experience with both platforms has proven to us (and many others with dual-platform experience) that the Macintosh provides the most friendly user interface for almost any computer user, which leads to a happier, more knowledgeable, and more productive computer user. Adding additional devices and software to a Mac is truly "plug and play" although this is not always the case with Windows. Visit our Why Mac? page for more information.

We recommend for any home or small business user considering the purchase of new computer equipment to seriously consider a Macintosh. Any Windows user or Windows-based company who is looking for something easier should at least consider a Macintosh for their next computer. If Windows will suit your needs better, that's what we will recommend after an intensive needs analysis, and we can still give you the same high-quality service we give to our Macintosh clients.

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