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Hello, and thanks for visiting our web site. My name is Al Camentz and I am the main "guru" of aGuru4hire, and the webmaster and creator of this web site. We provide the highest caliber of technology consulting, services, training, & tutoring, to individuals and businesses in South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, & Miami-Dade Counties on the Atlantic coast; Lee, Collier, & Charlotte Counties on the Gulf Coast). The majority of my clients are located in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, or Fort Lauderdale. I specialize in offering "concierge" style onsite support. Service in home or at your office. My clients tend to be thrilled, rather than just satisfied, with my services.

You can reach me directly, or leave me a voice mail if I'm unavailable, at 561-665-0585.

Why "Guru"?

The title of "guru" is not one which I give myself, but one that has been given to me by many of my very satisfied clients. For many years, I've been introduced as "this is Al, my Mac Guru" enough times that I decided in 1999 to adopt the title and use it for this website. I've been supporting Macintosh users professionally ("doing it for a living") for over 20 years. My most recent experience has been working at the Apple Genius Bar as a Mac Genius at the Boca Raton Apple Store, which included training & certification at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, CA. I am certified as a Gold Level Member of the Apple Consultants Network.

I first used a "computer" in the 1970s, when I was in grade school, and was one of only a half dozen students doing so in a large and progressive elementary school. I logged in using a modem hooked to a teletype and tape puncher, that communicated with the School Board mainframe over a phone line at 300 baud. Needless to say, computers have changed greatly since then. They have also changed greatly in the last 10 years. They have even changed greatly in the last 2 years!.

The computer industry, and the Information Age, are progressing faster than any change or force in the history of mankind. It's an exciting (and challinging and very demanding) business to be a part of, and I spend hours each day reading and studying and learning and staying current with this fast-paced industry. Although I received an Engineering degree from Tulane University in the mid- 1980's, nearly everything I know about computer technology today has been self-taught, starting from the base of computer knowledge I received in college and high school, and continuing to the very specific Mac technical training I received as a Mac Genius in Apple's Boca Raton Retail Store.

I have earned my living as a computer professional since 1990, and personally provided full-time tech support for dozens of computer users in mid-sized companies, as well as support for hundreds of people and companies while working as a support specialist in businesses that sell and service computers. In addition, I have been a freelance computer consultant for the past 15 years.

I use a MacBook Pro (which can perform all the functions of a desktop computer), and have used a notebook as my primary computer since 1995, so I am one of the most experienced laptop computer experts you will ever meet. I currently use a 24" iMac as my primary computer, and have it syncronized with my MacBook Pro (ask me how I do it and why I love it!).

Additional Gurus
aGuru4hire has other "gurus" at our disposal. Some clients might need someone closer to them than I am for a QuickStart system setup and training, or someone more experienced than I am in professional logo and graphic design, or someone with the accounting and software expertise to serve you best in setting up the General Ledger accounts of QuickBooks, M.Y.O.B, or Peachtree, or a web programmer to create a large, customized interactive web site with Flash, Java, XML, PHP, or SQL, or other enterprise-level database technologies. My expertise and experience is very wide and diverse, but like a good medical general practicioner, I know when to call in a specialist, and I know the best specialists to refer.

In any case where an additional guru would be utilized, they would work through me and you will have access to my expertise as well as theirs.

Our hourly rates are LOWER than the computer stores and other onsite support providers you might find in the Yellow Pages, even though we are more experienced and much more user-friendly than most of the technicians that they will send you for onsite service.

CONTACT US with your name, telephone number, and a short description of your needs, and we will respond with a solution and estimated cost.

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